What is recruitment marketing?
Recruitment marketing is a special field of HR and marketing which can help you significantly increase the efficiency of your recruitment activity. Its successful implementation requires a large amount of knowledge in the field of marketing and HR. Therefore, it is highly recommended to be carried out by trusted professionals. Online marketing tools help in reaching a wide range of relevant jobseekers for all job offers. As a consequence, in addition to multiplying the number of job applicants, our services can help you perform better than your competition and build your HR brand. 
Recruitment marketing services by professionals
- Let us do it for you! -
Nowadays, headhunting is inconceivable without the application of cutting-edge tools, such as the advanced recruitment marketing tools used by us, which help us increase the number of applicants. It should be noted that different target groups require different kinds of approach, which, in turn, require extensive experience as well as dependable communication tools. 
Using our experience of more than 10 years in the field, we put together a special recruitment marketing package for our clients in order to make their search more efficient.
This way, we take over the burdens related to the development, creation and management of campaign strategies. We provide accurate statistics about all results, demonstrating that impressive accomplishments are possible even within one month with campaigns targeted on any position.
You are free to customize our services to your needs.
Recruitment marketing course 
- Handle your own campaigns -
If your company wishes to assign an employee to recruitment marketing, we can teach him or her the basics and the know-how for handling campaigns on the long run. LinkedIn and Facebook advertisements are excellent for recruitment purposes. In a detailed course of only a few hours, we can teach the basics of creating advertisements, using efficient targeting and other useful skills. After that, your company will be able to manage job offers and increase the number of relevant applicants with minimum marketing effort.
The recruitment potential of LinkedIn requires a certain amount of special expertise, which can be acquired by HR specialists in the course of a six-hour training.
- For a better organization -
The most significant advantage offered by recruitment marketing is the expansion of your database. These campaigns are more efficient if applicants are registered into a well-structured and filterable system. Consequently, the users of the HR Cloud recruitment selection software are the most successful in implementing recruitment marketing tools as the applicants across all platforms are introduced into the database, making them filterable, accessible by newsletter etc. 
When can you benefit from our recruitment marketing services?  
If you are looking for specialists
If you are looking for a large number of relevant applicants for a certain field of specialty
If a position has been open for too long
If you seek to increase your applicant database
If you need relevant applicants fast
If you haven't used marketing tools for recruitment yet
If the marketing tools used before did not yield the expected result
What kind of tools do we use?
Drafting of professional job advertisement
Posting on job recruitment websites as Beck and Partners
Facebook campaigns 
LinkedIn campaigns
Google Adwords advertisements with unique photos
Search engine optimization
Recruitment marketing course
Monthly refreshed content in the HR Cloud (for HR Cloud users)
Advertisement on Stackoverflow sites
What do all these mean?
Drafting of professional job advertisement
The well-written job offers are key for finding the right person. Different target groups require different ways of communication. Our company has years of experience in researching and testing such methods. A well-written advertisement catches the eye and gives you the upper hand over your competitors; therefore, special attention should be paid to drafting.
Online recruitment starting package 
We post your job offer on the most popular Hungarian jobs portals, send newsletters to the members of these portals as well as to the contacts in our database containing more than 160,000 jobseekers, and then forward the applications to you in email.
Facebook campaign
The most popular social network offers versatile and efficient solutions for reaching the widest possible public. Its greatest advantage is in the fact that your job advertisement will only appear in the feed of those who meet your requirements, allowing us to target for age, gender, specialization, interests, geographic location etc. This way, we can guarantee that your offer reaches only the relevant public.
LinkedIN campaign
Similarly to Facebook, LinkedIn offers precision tools for targeting precisely the desired audience. This platform is especially effective in finding highly qualified and skilled workforce. In our pay-for-clicks scheme you only pay for real actions. 
Unique photos
Both Facebook and LinkedIn advertisements work better with photos. The use of photos for marketing purposes is subject to strict legal and technical requirements. We offer you comprehensive services related to creating unique captioned photos which will attract attention while being in full compliance with regulations. 
Recruitment marketing course
If you have time for creating and managing Facebook and LinkedIn campaigns and wish to learn how to use them, we provide you with a basic training which will have visible results.
LinkedIn recruitment training
Researching the LinkedIn database has high potential for recruitment purposes. In our training, we help you acquire skills for efficiently building your recruitment profile, extend your network of relations and successfully filter the hits. A well-structured recruitment profile and searching strategy can help you reach applicants who are passive jobseekers and are not accessible anywhere else. 
Google Adwords – remarketing
Google AdWords is a fast and easy solution for publishing well-targeted advertisements based on clicks or appearances. In Google search results, only text ads are displayed, while so-called display placements offer solutions for displaying text ad, image ads and ads embedded into videos as well. AdWords advertisements appear above or next to the Google search results and on the content pages of the ever-expanding Google Display network.
Remarketing is a special form of advertisement in this system which makes it possible to send special and targeted advertisements to people who have visited the website or jobs portal earlier. This service helps you reach those who have opened your job offers or your jobs portal, but haven't registered into the database yet, and provide incentives for them to register.
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a collective term for practices aiming at increasing the number of appearances of our website or jobs portal in search engines among the so-called natural hits, among the search results. Better positioned websites which are higher on the list of search results are more successful in increasing the number of visitors for your company. Search Engine Optimization can be targeted according to demand, such as searching for text, image or video. We use SEO for offering better hits to the users of the HR Cloud, providing more exposure to your career portal to potential applicants, resulting in more applications and CVs.
Advertisement on Stackoverflow sites
Stackoverflow is an international IT forum which offers a platform for the publication of job offers. Visited mostly by highly qualified specialists and characterized by a large number of visitors, the site is recommended for professionally drafted job offers related to IT specialty fields. 
Monthly refreshed content in the HR Cloud
The HR Cloud recruitment selection software allows us to provide our clients a comprehensive career site for sharing professional and HR articles with the applicants. Updating and creating these pages is crucial for HR branding. We offer our services for writing these articles, interviews and other content on the behalf of your company.
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