HR Business Partner service

Our fundamental principle is to support our Partners with HR tools in reaching their business goals.

The focus is always the enhancement of the productivity and efficiency of the given business unit.  Our activity ranges from strategy making to operational implementation.  Adjusting to the versatile economic environment, we provide fast and efficient solutions that match the specific corporate expectations, considering its size, activity and business targets. The basis for our success if our team of consultants who have several years of experience in the managements of medium and large enterprises. Our resolution proposals are unique, defined to the Client’s requirements.


Komplex HR tanácsadás a Beck & Partners -től


If your company has no operational HR department or a staff member who deals with HR
  • Through the HR consultancy service, our company offers customised solutions, from the search of staff members, along with benefit system and solving labour charter problems, to the support of organisational changes (including the execution of layoffs and managing their consequences).
If your company has an operational HR department or a staff member who deals with HR
  • In this case, our consultants offer You measures to raise the acceptance of HR within the organisation. These may be e.g. the screening and enhancement of the existing HR systems, and elaborating solutions that encourage their employment. In addition, we make trainings and conferences for staff members working exclusively in the personnel area with topics of HR. As an HR Partner, we provide ready solutions to facilitate the introduction and enhancement of Assessment Centres and Development Centres, and the development of modern community-based IT support for recruitment systems.




Do staff members expect more wage? – BENEFIT SYSTEM
- How satisfied are executives with the level of wages paid to staff members and the benefit system?
- Are they aware of the value of other benefits?
The solution is NOT necessarily transferring more money to the wage system. The SUITABLE SOLUTION is developing a wage system that keeps market conditions in view and communicating it to the staff!
Do you know the level of performance of the single staff members? – PERFORMANCE EVALUATION SYSTEM
- Do you have a performance evaluation system, and how does it work?
- Do executives distinguish good performers from bad performers?
- What is the level of motivation of the staff members?
The solution is NOT necessarily transferring more money to the wage system! The GOOD SOLUTION is revising the system of key performance indicators. Executives should be prepared and encouraged to use this system and distinguish.
What is the basis of evaluation of the individual positions and the staff members who work in them? – COMPETENCE SYSTEM
- Is there an exquisite position evaluation system, and how does it work?
- Besides professional expectations, are there personal competences determined?
- May personal competences be clearly deduced from corporate values?
- Is the applied competence system harmonised with the required developments of the corporate culture?
The solution is NOT necessarily adopting complete competence models. The GOOD SOLUTION is examining (existing and targeted) corporate values and assembling a competence model that supports that these values appear in the requirement profiles – thus inducing the company to operate by these values.
Confront of Corporate Cultures? – REORGANISATIONS
- Is the effect of corporate cultures to structural reorganisations kept in mind?
- How may existing cultures support the development of a new scale of values and the appropriate approach?
- What makes staff members feel the new organisation their own despite probably having suffered personal losses (their scope of duties might have changed or the favourite colleagues do not work with them anymore, etc.)?
The good solution is NOT forcing the reorganisation to the corporation! The GOOD SOLUTION is examining the gained corporate values and developing the culture and system of values of the new organisation on this basis, maintaining a two-way communication with the staff members, for it is their involvement and identification that will support the operability of the new organisation.


The improvement of the personnel selection process by introducing the methodology of Assessment Centre, and the identification of the internal staff members’ competences and the opportunities of improvement by the Development Centre.
  1. Indoctrination of internal staff members to the methodology of Assessment Centre and Development Centre, so that the company possess an own inner know-how for improving the quality of personnel selection and evaluation, and, on the long run, maintaining its high standard.
  2. Performance of actual Assessment Centres and Development Centres with the immediate involvement of HR staff trained in the previous step. The remarkably beneficent impact of this would be that HR staff, in addition to acquiring experience and, thus, certainty in arranging actual ACs and DCs, would begin to represent these two efficient HR tools in the organisation. Both factors mentioned will favourably impact the estimation of HR within the company.


Interim Management is a pro term management tool. A fast and highly professional standard workaround solution for handling different organisational, structural or other special situations. This service provides expertise based on a widespread experience for solving a corporate problem that may well circumscribed by issue and time.
Attributes of the “actual” interim management is the interlacing of two inseparable roles:
- accomplishment of everyday operational duties (operational management of the organisation or an organisational unit),
- and, concurrently, assisting and implementing strategic structural changes (Change Management).
Interim Management is mainly needed in cases when the fast solution and the special management knowledge acquired in the specific field is inevitable condition for the success of a particular task or strategic step.
Our HR Partner has already solved special problems as an Interim Manager like:
- Administration of substantive corporate projects requiring special HR expertise (initiation of Governance Model, improvement of Corporate Culture, Benefit Systems, etc.)
- HR assistance for buying-up or merger of companies
- The so-called "immediate workaround" management (a gap in the HR manager’s position for unexpected reasons)
- Startup and initial intensive HR management period for early stage companies.


Our partners include several companies that do not dispose of a HR team with a strong workforce or even have a gap in the HR position. What we provide for these companies is a full HR service.
We may provide an HR expert for the organisation in the framework of a flexible solution, without establishing an employment, for a limited time and with maximum efficacy. In this case, HR Partner supports corporate unit with vocation and efficiency, and provides partial or plenary HR function according to the occurring demands.
This includes, among others, assisting executives in personnel selection, establishing a convenient system of performance and efficiency indicators, or, from time to time, preparing them for handling certain colleagues who perform inadequately, and, in common with the management, finding the proper procedure for other “delicate” affairs concerning the staff members.
So, we are a companion for our clients operating without a classic HR Division in finding the best solution in personnel issues without establishing and maintaining an own HR crew.


Outplacement is a human policy tool that helps the displaced worker(s) and the employer resolving social and legal outcomes of staff cutbacks, moreover, assists displaced expert(s) in job-hunting. Outplacement helps employees find a job the soonest possible, resolve mental consequences of the staff cutback, recover their impaired self-assurance, see their strengths and weaknesses in their true colours. Its purpose is to decrease the costs of the layoff to a minimum, affirm the image of the corporate policy with social responsibility, help in decision-making and in the initiation, then a harmonious conduct of the staff cutback process.
Integral part of the outplacement is the preparation of the displaced employees to get employed again, so they may find a company and a position that match their expectations and skills. In this way, they may serve their new employer with their experience and established system of relations.
For the present, there is not many companies that pay so that their employees may easily find a new employment. Nevertheless, the outplacement service, compared to the other costs of staff cutback, is fairly cheap.
Outplacement Programme with Beck & Partners:
Participants on our outplacement programme automatically become part of our database, so henceforward they are also considered when we have to find adequate employees for a specific position.
- participants receive a written evaluation of the competence analysis included in the programme that certifies the areas on which they seem suited for
- participants receive a written material that summarises the key knowledge concerning job-hunting
- this document includes samples of CV and cover letter
- outplacement is performed all along in an interactive form and customised to the individual
- participants may discuss their questions and problems with the consultants, even relating to actual applications
Participants of the Beck & Partners Outplacement Programme receive the book "Handbook for jobhunters" written by Zsolt Beck.