Coaching is a goal and result and solution oriented process tracking for a specific executive or team. In the US, it is already a part of people’s everyday life - here we are only on our way to become acquainted with it. In Hungary, only the fashionable crust and multinational companies have employed coaches, nevertheless, it gets more and more popular also in everyday life.


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Business and Life Coaching by Beck & Partners

Clients of a Business Coach belong to the business community. They may attend a skills development training or may ask for a coach’s help in solving a problem. Executives both in high and low-level positions may turn to a business coach.
Clients of a Life Coach usually struggle with difficulties in their lifestyles. A professional coach may listen and put questions well, in addition to respecting and supporting his client. His principal goal is to approach his client to the goal they want to achieve. All the client has to do is be honest and consider that effectiveness lies on both of them, not only the coach.
The Coach
A coach does not give advices, but help realise the hidden and inner resources of the executive that would lead to their best personal solutions. Would not settle the executive’s problems, but helps find the steps that lead to the solution. A coach may give ideas, alternatives, but the decision must always be made by the executive. A coach therefore deliver no ready solutions, but by his questions, gives clues for the executive to find the solution. A good coach is able to observe and express the executive’s intellectual and inner processes, be present for the client, understand the expressed words and, many times, unexpressed thoughts or feelings.
Coaching is about improvement. The improvement of self-recognition and the effective phrasing is the basis of what the coach applies, for the principal tool for a coach’s work is himself. The result of the process is that the executive can easier and easier grab the essence of things and develop themselves to what they wish to become.
When Should You Apply Coaching?
If you need lifestyle advices (Life Coaching), when you get stuck in a given life situation, when you need inspiration or have problem with handling a situation, another person, or your own job, or you wish for a supporting partner (Business Coach).

Process of Coaching

How do we cooperate during a coaching? In an atmosphere of confidence:
- Personalised
- Flexible
- Practice-oriented
What happens during a coaching session? The Coach...
Business Coaching
Which are the most common coaching topics?
- Handling difficulties in communication
- Exploring and solving problems 
- Handling arduous managerial situations
- Decision preparation
- Preparation for a presentation
- Delegation
- Project management
- Handling difficulties arisen for female executives
- Time management
- Improvement of efficiency
- Negotiation technique
- Problems in maintaining the balance between work and privacy
- Personal image, charisma, executive charisma

Result of an Efficient Coaching:

• Contributes to the executive’s individual improvement
• The executive gets more aware of their strengths
• Improves the efficiency of communication
• Contributes to employing the appropriate leadership style


Life Coaching

A Life Coach helps improve moral strength, and this will give the client an impulse to achieve their goals. On the Life Coaching meetings, the Coach uses pointed questions to help the client discover the tasks to be accomplished towards a happier lifestyle.
Symptoms of the Burnout Phenomenon:
• Loss of motivation
• Lack of interest
• Loss of momentum
• Burnout
Personalised Burnout Coaching:
• Systematises an harmonises your goals
• Sets priorities for your activities
• Discovers the appropriate eventualities of motivation


  • You start enjoying your work
  • Your self-esteem will raise
  • You feel charged up with energy
  • You start sensing harmony in the different areas of your life
  • You start leading an assertive way of living

Our HR Business Partner branch delivers You the solution based on a preliminary survey, during which, our principal goal is to move the specific organisational unit towards a level of a more successful operation. Supervision of processes, redefinition of target indicators and the initiation of differentiation may be executed in a substantially more efficient way by an external participation that is independent from the organisational unit.